Everyone needs a little bit of Zen in their lives and the bathroom is one place where it should always be present. Here are our 5 top tips to turn your bathroom into a place of relaxation and wellness. 

1. Go minimal 

Going minimal in the bathroom is much more than a style choice. It is an effective means of creating an oasis of zen and relaxation in what can often be a chaotic household environment. Clear countertops, neutral colours and organised surfaces contribute to an ideal atmosphere, allowing you to destress before and after work or during a long day at home. 
The key to achieving this goal is making sure that all toiletries and necessities are stored away from sight - out of reach and not simply left on top of surfaces. Incorporating glass jars with lids for everyday items like cotton balls and makeup brushes not only looks stylish but also keeps bathrooms neat and tidy without unnecessary superfluous clutter. Keeping the lines clean by using these decorative trays as containers also helps keep things organised while still making a statement on the countertop. 

2. Choose a calming colour palette 

Colours have the ability to evoke strong emotional responses from us, and consciously selecting colours that promote calming can be a great way to create a serene atmosphere. To create a Zen space in your bathroom, it’s important to take into consideration the colour scheme that you select. For example, utilizing soft, muted tones such as pastel greens, blues and purples will help create an ambiance of relaxation and serenity. 

3. Install soft lighting 

Soft lighting is one of the simplest ways to transform your bathroom into a tranquil oasis. Begin by swapping out older, harsher bulbs in favour of LEDs with a softer glow. 
Replacing the wall light switch outside the bathroom with a dimmer switch gives you the ability to control how bright or dark it needs to be. 
Finally, consider adding a few candles as both an aesthetic choice and an understated ambiance. 

4. Introduce greenery to your bathroom 

Introducing greenery in your bathroom can help create a tranquil yet stylish atmosphere. Houseplants such as lucky bamboo, peace lily, pothos, monstera (Swiss cheese), Boston ferns orchids, and snake plants are especially great if you want to bring a little bit of nature into your Zen-inspired bathroom. Lucky bamboo in particular adds a touch of elegance with its thick and slender green stems. 

5. Include wood 

Another way to turn your everyday bathroom into a Zen oasis is by incorporating wood elements into the design. Wood adds to the naturalness of any space with its earthy tones and grounding qualities. 
Anything from wood effect floor tiles to a wooden stool or two, or even just some simple branches placed around will give off an organic vibe. A wood floor mat just outside the shower can also do wonders for creating more Zen vibes throughout your bathroom space. 
The great thing about wood is that there are so many colours and textures available you are sure to find one that speaks directly to your heart. 


Whether you are looking to refurbish your bathroom to create a Zen space or are just looking for a few easy ways to introduce a Zen-like feeling in the room, we hope the above ideas will help inspire you into bringing a feeling of calm and tranquillity to your bathroom. 
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