Planning an upgrade to your kitchen this year? Or perhaps you are considering an entirely new prepping, cooking and eating space altogether? Whatever your angle, you’ll be keen to hear what’s trending in kitchen circles at the moment – and what’s up and coming as the year develops.  
Here’s some of the latest design thinking behind 2023 kitchens

Design – kitchen islands remain huge 

They’ve been around for some time now, and kitchen islands will take even more centre stage this year. No longer sited in front of the prepping area; this time, the island will be in the centre of the kitchen to accommodate more people. In other words, the kitchen is about to become even more of a social space than before. 

Colours – darker colours are reappearing 

Darker colours are starting to appear much more regularly, but alongside white to give a contrasting rather than coordinated look. That means dark blue cabinetry with white marble worktops or pastel green cabinetry with black worktops. 
Saturated colours are having their day, according to interior designers @juliadempster; "People want to feel something emotional in their spaces and are trending towards saturated colours like deep-forest green, rust, rich reddish brown, amethyst, or jewel-toned blue rather than neutrals and white." 
Having said that, the all-white shaker remains a classic that will always be around. 

Materials – natural stone is still stealing it for countertops 

Natural stone remains number one for countertops, with marble and quartz firm favourites. Not only does it look great and provide a classic finish to any kitchen, but it also fits into any décor theme – whether contemporary or traditional. 
And it’s not just in worktops that natural stone is making its presence felt; splashbacks are also receiving this quality touch. Subway tiles are becoming old news, whereas marble slab splashbacks are great for adding drama and depth to any kitchen. They not only make a statement, but they’re also easier to wipe clean than tiles. 

Space Saving – taller cabinets and built-in appliances 

Cabinets built up to the ceiling provide more space and mean there’s nowhere for dust to go. It also means more practical storage space for larger items such as rice cookers, blenders and air fryers. 
There is also a trend for ‘drawer appliances’ where integrated fridges, dishwashers etc., can be customised with the kitchen cabinetry. As well as space-saving, this also gives a more ergonomic look to a kitchen and is especially successful in minimalist kitchens. 
On the same note, seamless kitchens are ‘big’ these days too. Backless stoves fit well with this look and allow you to show off those lovely stone backsplashes you’ve just had fitted. 

Lighting – forget recessed, statement lighting is on trend 

As far as lighting is concerned, bigger is better. Or, at least, dramatic and eye-catching is today’s kitchen ‘must have.’ We’ve had the three pendants hanging low over the kitchen island look for a while. Now we’re looking at one dramatic lighting fixture as an interesting focal point. 
We hope the above style guide helps you to get the most out of your kitchen design this year. Whatever style you choose, give Inside Outside Kitchens & Bathrooms a call if you need assistance designing the ideal kitchen that combines aesthetics and quality with usability. 
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