If its one thing that you hear after these times its “Keep Well and Stay Safe”. After weeks of being at home I think we have all reached a point where our homes feel a little smaller and at times work against us. My wife is almost at the point of no longer wishing to prepare food after weeks of being stuck at home has meant every meal is in the same location. How things change as just over a year ago it was so very different before I moved house. 
My last property over time was transformed with the biggest transformations where being the kitchen and living space. Feeling well and loving your house is so important to me, I believe unconsciously houses, space and architecture really make a difference to what we perceive in success, happiness and love. Don’t get me wrong as where I live now being rural gives me the outside magical space but the dated kitchen with old technology is nothing up to what we created in our last house and we really feel the effects. 
I get asked all the time if money spent on kitchens and bathrooms is an investment and would you see a return when you sell! Definitely if the right design and budget for that house was used. We are not talking vast sums but the right solution for the property. The reason being is you could be creating the dream, the space, the kitchen someone else wants but has no clue to achieve. 
Here are some top ideas we use here at inside Outside in designing a wellness kitchen 

 What type of lighting is best for kitchens? 

Light can be considered in two ways, firstly if your kitchen is part of an extension you have to be sure that by building out you are not stealing light that once lit the middle of your house. Natural light can be brought in via light tubes, lanterns, Velux windows. It's so important that when considering any changes to a space think of those winter days not the summer as its then maximising winter sun can make you feel more positive. 
Light can also come from technology. Lighting dresses a kitchen and getting this right for its everyday use is obvious with experience and not so without. Make sure ceiling lights don’t cast shadows like when your washing up, position that light to give it where you need it. Use warm light bulbs rather than cold, it got to be a replacement of natural light so aim for the closest match. Zone lighting so you have different zones for different occasions, everyday use, evening use, watching TV and just need a mood light on for popping back and making a cup of tea light! 

 Inspiration for the kitchen layout 

When I go to quote for a kitchen design I almost switch off from the space inside and wait for ideas to come when I draw the plan. The original space can be distracting and you want to think whats possible not what has been done already. I am a great believer in bringing the outside in by opening up walls, creating new windows so sinks has a view, opening up walls or windows, making the preparation space involving for the cook if there are visitors but keeping those visitors away from the cooks space 

 How to maximise storage in a kitchen 

Now I am known for being a little tidy and particular but i see it as common sense that everything should have its place. This way you know where things are, they are not all just thrown on the worktop because they are easy to put away. I am sure some kind of calmer is related to this but good design in storage should also mean accessing things stored is easy…not moving several items to get the one at the back. This as made easier when Austrian Kitchen Manufactures like “Ewe” have solution giving you close to 20% more storage on a like for like kitchen layout. This is by lowering plinth height, increasing cabinet depth and offering several heights to suit all ceiling heights. Onto of this the internals are sexy in finish and extremely practical from emptying your shopping to emptying the dishwasher. 
On top of this its now standard on all our kitchens that drawers and doors are slow close, no banging drawers even in an argument. 

 Using smart kitchen technology 

For men and women this could be very different. Men love gadgets, we install LED colour changing lighting effect, hot taps and appliances you can control off your phone. For most Mums they are looking for convenience and this can come in the form of self cleaning ovens, hobs which are safe around children and dishwashers that are extremely quiet. Those jobs you have to do in the kitchen can be less stressful when the items around you are there to help in saving time. 

 Different types of kitchen materials 

Fashion dictates what we perceive as the here and now but many clients look at longer lasting styles. Material like timber and stone have always been in incredibly good at bringing warmth into your space, consider its use and this could be as a feature worktop in an island or stone floor running from inside through to a patio outside. Finishes can make us feel special as well as being for different occasions. this could be due to your style of house but at the same time we have designed and installed a few party kitchens. 

 Using colour in the kitchen 

Do not get stuck on the white, grey and cream door samples. Use colour to its advantage and if your not brave enough to have cabinetry in it then use colour on a wall where you can overpaint if required. My top tip is to consider the colour on a darker day or outside natural light, that probably means you will go a lighter shade. Also colour test against white and not against the old colour, out will alter what you are looking at. 
Final tip is to just open your mind to your dream space, buy building this you should automatically feel happier in this space. If you are still looking for what that dream space is then just Google images on kitchens, others have done the hard works and all you are looking for is that starting point, from there its up to us as designer to create that calm, good feeling space…..well that what we aim for. 
Designing a kitchen is a partnership between the designer and the client. Find out more about us and how we work
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